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Learning Leathercraft

Dedicated to the Preservation of the Art of Leathercraft

Here at Learning Leathercraft we strive to preserve the tradition of the art of Leathercraft. These days machines can do just about anything and we humans are quickly losing many of the skills that we spent centuries perfecting. It is the goal of these courses to have you walk out the door with a beautifully hand crafted piece of leather work that with proper care and attention, will last you a lifetime.

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A bit of cutting,

A selection of Leathercraft handtools

A Wide Selection of Courses

Come and learn how to turn a few pieces of leather into a beautiful finished piece using only your hands and a few choice tools.

A bit of hammering,

A selection of leather carving tools

Bringing Leather to Life

Get lost in the process of leather carving and bring two dimensional artwork into the third dimension.

A beautiful result.

A closeup of a finished piece of Leathercraft with Celtic knotwork carved pattern

Coming to a Venue near you

Classes will be held on a regular basis at city center venues all over the country, come and join us!